With more than 60 years dedicated to the manufacture of nonwoven technical fabrics, BFF is an award-winning global supplier of innovative performance materials for niche or highly regulated markets. Through collaboration and understanding, the company creates specialist bespoke fabrics to a design brief or performance specification and engineers them to excel within a process or application.

BFF, or ‘Bonded Fibre Fabrics’, as it was known then, was established in 1952 as a division of Courtaulds. Supported by a global brand the company quickly established a dominance in domestic markets for disposable commodity products, including wipes, drapes and medical gowns. The company expanded trade to Europe and in 1971 it became a founding member of the International Association Serving Nonwovens, better known as EDANA.

Intense competition from China in the 1990s forced BFF to slash prices and compete on cost for commodity or standard products. It resulted in significant losses and the company looked destined to be liquidated before a management buyout prevented the inevitable and set the company on a path for change.

The ambition was clear: stop competing on cost and commit to the development of smarter, lighter, technically superior fabrics. The company took the time to understand the individual challenges faced by its customers and created fabrics that were better by design.

The venture paid off and the company has experienced a sustained period of stability and growth over the last 12 years. Why? Because BFF offered something many couldn’t and earned an enviable reputation for outstanding bespoke products, unrivalled personal service and value for money. Growth has seen BFF produce a range of quality bespoke fabrics for a whole host of markets and applications with the consistent assurance that when it’s technical and difficult, BFF creates solutions where others fail.

BFF Today

Today, our unique ability to meet the exacting requirements of a design or performance specification attracts clients on a worldwide scale and has seen BFF work alongside some of the most visible globally recognised brands.

The company is respected as a pioneering manufacturer and has completed a remarkable turnaround to become one of the most successful and profitable organisations in the technical fabrics marketplace.