For more than 50 years Lantor have designed, manufactured and supplied nonwoven technical fabrics used in medical devices and wound care. The company continues to build upon a reputation for pioneering product development and excel in the design of advanced wound care products to solve problems faced in front-line medical services.

For many years Lantor found success in the design and manufacture of dressings used in traditional wound care, however more recently increased competition from overseas forced Lantor to compete on cost and production efficiency.

After making a significant loss in the ten years to 2012 the company looked certain to move into administration. A last minute intervention by the investors responsible for changing the fortunes of BFF brought new life and new thinking to Lantor, as the company became the group’s first major acquisition.

Their intentions were clear: stop competing on cost for standard products and commit to the development of new more advanced technical fabrics. The new owners introduced an ethos for care and customer collaboration with a strong focus on outstanding personal service.

Lantor quickly transitioned to a company that was able to respond to the demands of its customers and began to develop a reputation for innovative dressing design and bespoke manufacturing capability. New people brought new expertise and after just three years of sustained growth the company recorded its first profit in 13 years.

Lantor Today

Today Lantor work closely with global medical organisations who share a passion for developing ingenious textile solutions to the challenges faced in front line medical services. The company design and develop advanced wound care products using innovative product technology to deliver bespoke features and adaptable functionality within its range.

With ambitious aspirations for the future and a number of major development breakthroughs, Lantor looks set to embark on a period of organic growth and become another Nonwovenn success story.