Lesterdale are experts at converting technical fabrics for use in a diverse range of niche applications. Their bespoke ability to source, process and convert at a single site sets them apart in their industry and offers customers unrivalled flexibility and specialist tailored products.

Established at the heart of the bustling local textile trade in North West England, Lesterdale has a specialist capability to convert stock fabrics and tailor them for use in a range of alternative applications. The company offers a different approach to manufacturing allowing them to process, convert and deliver a portfolio of niche products faster than traditional textile manufacturers.

This unique ability to adapt to a number of different requirements across a range of industries presented an opportunity and the company was acquired in 2015 by the Nonwovenn group, securing Lesterdale’s long-term future.

The acquisition brought new insight into re-processing technical fabrics, significantly improving efficiency throughout the group. It also created new opportunities in the processing and conversion of alternative nonwoven grades adding scale to the group’s operations and manufacturing capability.

Not much has changed within Lesterdale. The company continues to be helpful, flexible and accommodating in keeping with other group brands, only now it is able to call upon the knowledge, expertise and support of it's partners.

Lesterdale Today

Today, Lesterdale source, process and convert an extensive range of technical fabrics for challenging niche applications. The company relies on a vast knowledge of the industry and an extensive textile network to offer customers the outstanding bespoke fabrics they demand. It’s this approach that allows Lesterdale to deliver the latest technical grades tailored to the specific requirements of each customer on short lead times. Perfect for the SME seeking a quick textile solution to that challenging application.